This project was composed of a series of works considering all the ancient chairs and outdated equipment that finds its way into the Art Department. It can be a bit of a graveyard for office chairs, sofas, desks and overhead projectors. It's full of those dead spots where people shove old tables and chairs. We actually really appreciate these geriatric items, they're tough, and their aged aesthetic grows on one.

I really appreciated the collection of chairs we had gathered in the print building, and the continual purloining of the most comfortable chairs and wheeled chairs for tutorials and lectures.

The two main works in this series were dioramas. These were set up in the wall of a lecture room and viewed through small apertures. They were both models of typical lecture rooms, resembling each other and the room they were in. Both show spaces in a state of disuse, with stacked equipment, boxes and packing sheets.

The lecture room is lit by an unattended presentation playing on the wall display, repeating the set-up, sit-through and pack-up of a presentation class.

Interior view of the Lecture Room I diorama.

Footage stills on layered tracing paper showing time lapses of the film sequence.

Lecture spaces are full of ambivalent associations; good presentations, boring ones, sitting around for long periods, the repetition of the student schedule, folio exams. There is also feelings of loss as studio spaces are cut, and the closing or reallocation of workshops.

Interior view of the Lecture Room II diorama.