Agoraphobe's House

This model was designed to be viewed in a dark room, the only illumination coming from a set of five films running within the model's interior.

The set of five films are 'surveillance style' scenes of public areas, the camera positioned to capture the glare of the sun reflecting off the concrete pavement.

The films are timed to create a sense of artificial inhabitation, lighting different areas of the building as each reel runs its sequence. The screens go dark as a figure walks close past, or stands in front of the camera, effectively throwing that region of the house into darkness for a flash, or for a few minutes. Because of the motion of the dark silhouettes, there is a mood of invisible or ghostly habitation to the installation.

The shuttered windows and modern design work against each other to protect and expose the inhabitant.
A meek agoraphobe, with a fascination for the outdoors, viewing the world from the safety of the home.

A small collection of wood brooches have been made, using the initial sketches for the Agoraphobe's House.

The floating house idea was trialled to emphasize the isolation of Agoraphobia, but wasn't used in the final model.

All the brooch houses are made with etched and lacquered wood. Featuring dark windows, heavy blinds and boarded doors.