Marie-Annick Elizabeth Burridge
Born 1987, Sydney, New South Wales.

Marie-Annick Burridge is a practicing artist who lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. She graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (Hons) in 2011 and was Graduate in Residence at Curtin University in 2012.

Marie-Annick is first and foremost an artist of drawing and printmaking. This does not prevent constant forays into sculpture, carpentry, book-making, painting and film. If there is a direction a project would benefit from exploring, she's heading that way. Marie-Annick cultivates a high quality of execution and finish in her work and approaches new technologies with enthusiasm.

Her practice is influenced by a blend of architecture, material culture, expressionist art and formal ontological theory. Currently she is working on a PhD in Art, studying the capabilities of the image in apocalyptic narrative. Particularly focusing on the relationships of being and event in apocalyptic narrative.